Cardinal River

Our Cardinal River Operations (CRO) include the Luscar and Cheviot mines, as defined by our regulatory permits. The Luscar mine dates back to 1969 when mining began at Cardinal River Coals Ltd. Today, the Luscar mine is home to our coal processing plant, a main shop, haul road, ongoing reclamation and administrative offices.

The Cheviot mine lies along an east-west trending valley centered around the historic town site of Mountain Park, an area rich in coal mining history. An underground mine operated in this area from 1911 to 1952. Within this area there is also ongoing exploration, haul roads, progressive reclamation and buildings that support our mining operation.

The Cheviot mine permit is organized into six mining zones: Cheviot Creek; Prospect; Harris; McLeod; Redcap; and Mackenzie pits. In 2004, we received licenses to mine in Cheviot Creek pits and in 2007 to mine in the Prospect pits. In 2010, we received licenses to develop the McLeod and parts of the Harris pits.

Last updated: September, 2013