We have a long history of exploration discoveries and mine development and our team of professionals is recognized around the world as industry leaders. We are currently exploring in over a dozen countries worldwide with a focus on North and South America as well as Australia and specific parts of Europe and Africa.

We pride ourselves on being a “partner of choice” for mining ventures of all sizes and our history of exploration successes places us among the world’s best.

Our exploration objective is to access high quality, sustainable growth opportunities through the discovery or acquisition of top-tier mineral deposits. We succeed by combining in-house expertise, innovative technologies and exploration partnerships in our overall business plan.

Exploration efforts are primarily focused on three commodities: copper, zinc and gold. Strategic opportunities in other metals and high-margin mineral commodities are also being actively pursued. Copper exploration is focused in Canada, Peru and Chile, where we have existing operations, as well as Mexico, the United States, Namibia, Turkey and Australia. Zinc exploration includes projects in the vicinity of our Red Dog mine in Alaska as well as in Ireland and Australia. Gold exploration will continue in jurisdictions where we have recently realized significant revenue from the sale of gold assets, including Mexico and Turkey.

Our success in exploration requires a commitment to building strong relationships with communities and undertaking responsible environmental stewardship. Our policy requires that our overseas activities meet or exceed the applicable North American standards.